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SmartTax Plan Bundles

TaxSmart Tax Preparation Bundles

Tax Preparation is Just the Start … Planning Done Right Is the Key

While you’re focused on your last year’s taxes, it’s an ideal time for you to focus on your financial future.

Sometimes, just filing your return isn’t enough. Sometimes, you need a plan to pay the least you legally can.

Tax preparation is one piece of your finances. While it’s important, you can get more value from looking and planning ahead. By combining financial and tax planning with your tax preparation, you can be better prepared to make smarter money moves.

With the help of Steve Stanganelli, a CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNING ™ Professional, you can find out what you can do to reduce your next year’s tax bill while also getting your financial house in order.

Add Financial and Tax Planning Services for a Flat Fixed Fee (a modular and “lighter” version of our WealthCare Tune-Up Topics). You may combine one or more planning topics with tax preparation and pay a low fixed-fee monthly.

  • Credit/Cash Flow:  $350
  • Retirement or Social Security: $350
  • College & Education Funding: $350
  • Real Estate and Mortgage Funding: $350
  • Insurance: $350
  • Investing & Risk Profile: $350
  • Tax Planning: $400
  • Estate Planning Guidance: $400 

NOTE on Tax Preparation Fees:

Tax preparation fees average $300 and include e-filing and one state return. Pricing is based on the number and types of forms required to file. If additional tax research is needed on a topic or special representation is needed with the IRS or state Department of Revenue, the hourly rate may apply ($100).