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Tax Planning for Business Owners

Are you confident you’re taking advantage of every tax break you deserve?

The world is full of tax preparers who can put the “right” numbers in the right boxes on the right forms by the right deadlines. But what are they doing to make sure you get all the breaks you deserve? When was the last time your tax preparer came to you and said “here’s an idea I think will save you money?”

If they haven’t then maybe the tax planning professionals at can help.

Do you have kids or grandkids going to college and looking for ways to lower the cost?  With our exclusive planning service you may qualify for a “tax scholarship.”

Do you own rental real estate? Then you may improve your depreciation deduction with this one strategy that can save you thousands in taxes each year.

Are you selling a business or residential or commercial property?  You may benefit from one of our time-tested tax deferral programs.

Do you own a home? Then you may find that our unique tax appeal process will help you save on taxes from over-assessments.

As a business owner you may benefit from at least one single powerful strategy that may improve your retirement or lower your family medical costs while reducing your audit risk.

We believe proactive tax planning is the key to you keeping more of what you make. Proactive tax planning means scouring your income and expenses for every available deduction, credit, loophole, and opportunity – all without “aggressive” strategies, “gray areas” or “red flags.”

Our tax planning and coaching service gives you a plan for beating the IRS. Legally. Go beyond tax preparation this year. Call Boston Tax Planners directly at 978-621-8268 to set up your personal no-obligation consultation over the phone or in one of our offices conveniently located throughout the Greater Boston, North Shore and Merrimack Valley and New Hampshire Seacoast areas.

Business Consulting and Controller Services

Our business consulting services are an extension of our personal tax and financial planning with a focus on practical, cost effective solutions that actually work.

We work with businesses from ground floor to exit providing guidance on a wide range of topic areas including tax, accounting, employee benefit/retirement plan design, and risk controls/insurance.

Through our network, we will help you assemble a team of subject matter experts who can help you execute your plan so that you can meet your goals.

Available business consulting services include help to:

  • Choose a proper legal entity
  • Establish commercial banking relationships
  • Identify business risks and find proper insurance coverage
  • Tax planning for the business, investors, and key employees.

Other services that are available include:

  • Cash flow management
  • Accounting and bookkeeping
  • Contract financial controller
  • Tax preparation

Expense Reduction for Businesses

We focus on saving you money so you can focus on growing your personal or company bottom line.


Our national team of CPAs, lawyers and engineers has helped thousands of companies nationwide reduce expenses and obtain large federal tax incentives that would otherwise go unclaimed.  Our services are not limited to any single industry focus.

Over 90% of all businesses can benefit from one or more of our expense reduction audit services.

Learn How Your Company Can Save Money On:

  • Credit Card Processing
  • Employer Payroll Tax Incentives
  • Parcel Shipping
  • Property Owner Tax Incentives
  • Property Taxes
  • Waste & Recycling
  • Work Comp Insurance

Business Valuation Services

Why you should have a business valuation
  • To better understand your business and its potential
  • When you plan to sell your business
  • To know the value of your largest asset in order to properly plan your retirement
  • During Buy/Sell Agreements with business partners
  • In order to ensure that your business and your family are properly protected
  • When considering funding opportunities
  • To plan for the future of your business with a qualified succession plan
  • When you plan to buy a business
  • To prepare for taxable events such as gifting or grants

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